Monday, June 10, 2013

Life Support Systems Nominated for 2013 Artecycle Award

We are delighted to announce that Jasmine Targett's series Life Support Systems was shortlisted for the 2013 Artecycle Art Award at Incinerator Gallery.

The exhibition runs from the 24th May - 14th July.

About the Work
Life Support Systems uses NASA space suit helmet glass to map the history of monitoring Earth’s Atmosphere and today’s attitudes towards Climate Change: the forecast for tomorrow.

Visually we first became aware of the role Earth’s atmosphere plays in weather and sustaining our environment in the space race’s iconographic images. In the 1950s the dichroic glass lens of the space suit helmet reflected the first view of Earth as a tiny fragment in an ecosystem of universal proportions from which no part is immune from the changes of its counterparts. NASA’s further atmospheric observations have revealed the current ecological crisis.

We produce vast amounts of scientific data to comprehend changing environmental conditions. This information challenges our perception of our environment and ourselves as we strive to understand the balance we need to live sustainably.

Life Support Systems is a series of three atmospheric weather maps that chart shifting weather conditions in the atmosphere over Antarctica that have global implications. The work aims to explore how the forecast for tomorrow’s weather is reliant on our perception of our environment today.

You can see Jasmine talking more about the work by clicking (here)

You can find out more about the award by clicking (here)

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