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Making Sense: 
The sublime beauty of impending decay
How do we begin to make sense of a threat that evades the senses?

Currently on show at Craft Victoria, to be exhibited in Wonderland at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei, February 2012.

Making sense combines the work of artists Jasmine Targett and Debbie Symons. The works highlight the Antarctic region as a sensitive indicator of global change. Fearlessly the artists search for understanding the history of changing environmental conditions, presenting insight into mapping the forecast for tomorrow.

Jasmine Targett’s luminescent series Life Support Systems uses NASA space suit helmet glass to discuss the history of monitoring the Earth’s Atmosphere and today’s attitudes towards Climate Change: the forecast for tomorrow. Deceptively beautiful the works examine alarming environmental data and the sublime beauty of impending decay.

Debbie Symons’ work is politically charged, discussing the moral and ethical consequences of ecological decisions. Symons' drawing and video works explore the historical, political and environmental predicament of the Antarctic and its waters. The works chart the effects of environmental change on the 60 migratory species that rely on this region.

Making Sense at Craft Victoria & Federation Square Urban Screens, till October 15th, 2011.

For further information, please contact
Jasmine Targett-, 0416 006 990

Image: Jasmine Targett- Life Support Systems: Ether- showing largest recorded ozone hole 2011. Glass. 

Public Programming

Tuesday 20th September, 2011
6pm – 7pm @ Craft Victoria

Art and the Communication of Climate Science: Making Sense of how artists and scientists can collaborate on the question of the ozone hole and biodiversity in Antarctica.

 How can artists and scientists work together to respond to the concerns of the ecological conundrum? How can environmental data be visually explored in innovative mediums? Join us for a discussion exploring these questions and others raised by the exhibition Making Sense – Life Support Systems.
The objective of this public forum is to stimulate an open dialogue between Melbourne based Artists and Scientists. We are interested in bringing together key people from both these fields to construct a community for future collaborations, further enriching both research disciplines.

Saturday 17th September, 2011
1-2pm @ Craft Victoria

Public Presentation: Guy Abrahams 
Climate Change, Sustainability and the Arts

This project has been assisted by the City of Melbourne Arts Grants and Monash University Postgraduate Research.

Further media information contact: Craft Victoria, Nella Themelios, + 61 3 9650 7775
Further artist information contact: Debbie Symons, +61408 318 400. Jasmine Targett, +61416006990