This exhibition has been proudly supported by

We would like to personally thank

Nella Themelios, Lucy Piggin, Paul Davis and Kim Brockett, Craft Victroia

John Gregory, Catalogue Writer

Guy Abrahams, Public Presenter

 Associate Professor Linda Williams, Exhibition Symposium Chair

Professor David Karoly, Panel Member Exhibition Symposium

Kit Wise, George Aslanis, Bethany Wheeler, Nadia Mercuri, The Glass Department at Monash University

Laurel Kohut, Kirstin Finlayson, Glass Blowing Extraordinaires  

Dr Judy Callaghan, Assoc. Prof. Ian Harper, Stephen Firth, Chad Johnson, Monash Micro Imaging

Dr. Alina Donea, Monash Centre for Astro Physics

Megan Simondson, City of Melbourne