Monday, August 29, 2011

Guy Abrahams Public Presentation

We are extremely excited to annouce that Guy Abrahams from Climarte will be presenting a talk as a part of Making Sense's Public Events at Craft Victoria.

Saturday 17th September, 2011
1-2pm @ Craft Victoria

Climate Change, Sustainability and the Arts
Throughout history the arts have played a major role in recording and reflecting the state of our society and of the natural world. At certain times we have needed the arts to also be a catalyst for change, a call to action, a pricking of the collective conscience. I believe that now is one of those times. This presentation gives a brief summary of current climate change science, the challenges that this science poses, and what broad measures may be undertaken to meet those challenges. I will then review a variety of Australian and international arts based initiatives that seek bring about positive engagement with environmental issues, particularly sustainability and climate change. The presentation concludes with proposals for further ways in which the arts could enhance broader understanding of sustainability and climate change and contribute to the implementation of personal and institutional actions that address these environmental crises.

Guy Abrahams was Director of Christine Abrahams Gallery in Melbourne for 22 years. He has been a Board member of the Melbourne Art Fair and the National Gallery of Victoria Art Foundation, and National President of the Australian Commercial Galleries Association. He is currently on the Board of the Australian Tapestry Workshop and the City of Melbourne's Art and Heritage Panel. Guy holds Law and Arts degrees, as well as a recently completed Master of Environment. In 2009 he was trained by former US Vice President Al Gore to give presentations on climate change. Guy is a Co-Founder of the not for profit organisation CLIMARTE: Arts for a Safe Climate, and a Director of the consultancy Art+Environment. Guy speaks regularly on the role of the arts sector in the climate debate.

Guy's enthusiasm for the visual arts and the environment will make this presentation a must see. For bookings please contact Craft Victoria- 03 9650 7775

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